Our mission

The Institute of Russian-Polish Cooperation was established in July 2014 with the aim of promoting the comprehensive strengthening of relations between Russia and Poland.

Despite the centuries-old history of the neighborhood, our countries have still failed to develop an effective and mutually beneficial model of partnership - Russian-Polish relations suffer from a long misunderstanding, aggravated by negative historical experience and false stereotypes. Modern Russia and Poland need to overcome these negative factors.

This requires the creation of a qualitatively new infrastructure of bilateral relations, which will not be focused exclusively on difficult issues of the past, but will create opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the present and future.

In its work, the Institute proceeds from the understanding that the establishment of a partnership and equal dialogue between Russia and Poland is possible only if a fundamentally new agenda of bilateral relations is formed. To implement this difficult but necessary task, the Institute brings together the efforts of leading Russian and Polish experts in the field of politics, economics and humanitarian cooperation.

Institute experts study current trends in bilateral relations and propose new approaches to their development, advise public and private structures interested in rapprochement between Russia and Poland, and also assist in strengthening economic ties between the two countries.
The Institute is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the principles of objective analysis and scientific expertise. In their work, the representatives of the Institute proceed from the principled position of neutrality and balance and are united only by a common attitude towards strengthening Russian-Polish mutual understanding.

We are convinced that the 21st century can become a time of strategic partnership between two democratic European powers - Russia and Poland.